5 Palo Santo Stick Bundle

5 Palo Santo Stick Bundle

  • Warranty Info

    If actual crystal breaks due to the nature of their job, no replacement is warranted. Crystals can break due to them protecting and absorbing energy. Shipping to and from designer cost not included.

  • FAQ's

    Can I wear a grounding/protection crystal, love attraction crystal, good health crystal & money attraction crystal at one time? Yes


    If my crystal breaks what does that mean?

    It has done its job. It has protected you and now it can be used for many different things or disposed of. You can place the fragments in unseen places in your home to continue it’s benefits or you can simply thank it for doing it’s job and dispose of it.


    Do they have healing benefits for real? Check out my YouTube Channel “Intuitive Beaute” for a detailed videos & how to use a Crystal for healing benefits.


    Can I meditate with my crystal? Yes of course!


    *Submit ideas for FAQ’s Via email intuitivebeaute@gmail 

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