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All About Us

Who We Are

Hi, I am Intuitive Beauté! Let me start by saying that I am all that I am. I am a Light-worker. My life’s purpose is to spread the light everywhere I go. Imagine a firefly touching everything in its path and bringing it to life! That’s exactly what my mission is! To spark something within you and encourage you along the way of you finding your light in which you’ll then start doing the very same thing causing a chain reaction. One day we’ll both look up together and we’ll see the path ahead well lit and we’ll know we have done our part. Until then I am here holding space for you to come as you are. I am allowing God/The Universe/ Source Energy to guide me in helping you get to the root of things. We can sit in our own sacred space and reach a plan of action together & I’ll be there along the way to aid you along your journey! I offer services that all promote healing through Intuitive Coaching, Intuitive/Tarot Readings, Mentoring & through my healing Raw Crystal Jewelry. I look forward to our personal time together, but until then please enjoy the healing products that I sell. If there is anything not listed that your interested in purchasing just send me an email and we will take care of your need! This space has been made with love just for you

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